To Access your Voicemail from Your Desk Phone

  1. Press the Envelope (Mail) Button
    • Or Press the Home Key, then use the soft keys to navigate through Messages > Select > Connect
  2. Enter your passcode followed by #. 

To Access your Voicemail from a Different Phone

  1. Dial your work number
  2. When your Voicemail greeting begins, press the * key.
  3. Enter your pass code

To Record Voicemail Greetings

To Access your Greetings Menu, Press from the Main Menu

  1. Busy Greeting- The Greeting heard when you are on another call (when call waiting is not activated) or your phone is on Do Not Disturb mode.
    • Press 2
    • Follow the Prompt
  2. No Answer Greeting
    • Press 3
    • Follow the Prompt
  3. Extended Away Greeting - This greeting must be manually activated and is used when you will be away from work. Any call will immediately be pushed to Voicemail when this greeting is activated. You will have to manually deactivate this greeting!
    • Press 4
    • Follow the prompt to set up this greeting
    • To Activate this greeting press 1
    • To Deactivate this greeting, follow the first step then press 2.

Tips While Listening to Your Messages

  • Press to rewind by ten seconds
  • Press to pause or resume the message
  • Press to fast forward by ten seconds
  • Press to jump to the beginning of the message
  • Press to jump to the end of the message.