Welcome to the University of Mobile Information Technology Department's Helpdesk System.

We use this system to help us efficiently resolve technical issue for the Faculty, Staff, and Students of the University of Mobile. All issues should come through this system in the form of a support ticket which can be submitted by clicking the +New support ticket  link at the top right of the screen. 

After a support ticket has been sent, an email will be sent from our support system asking you to register by entering a password for our website. Registering at the website is not mandatory, but will allow you to check on the status of your tickets, add attachments or other content to currently existing tickets, and view previous tickets you have submitted for reference if needed. If you have issues with registering your account, please do let us know by submitting a ticket. We will be glad to further assist you! 

Do understand that we will only give direct responses for credential based questions if you are using your University issued email address. Otherwise we will call the number listed in your contact information, and verify your identity before giving out login credentials for any of our Systems here at the University. Furthermore we do not give out student login information to third-party persons unless listed as contacts who you allow to know your information.

**The University of Mobile IT Department will never ask for your login credentials for any reason through email or helpdesk response without a prior support ticket being submitted to our helpdesk site. We will verify identification for those who contact us asking for login information.***