The following information will be the default information you should receive upon admission into the University. Any rams mail reset will follow the default set here. 

Your Rams mail email account will always give a default username of your first initial, last name, and last 2 of your student ID followed by Your initial password that you should receive from your admissions advisor will be the first three letters of your first name [first letter capitalized] followed by the first five of your student ID number. For Example Jane Doe with an ID number of 123456 would be with a password of Jan12345.**

** If you only have 5 digits in your ID number, your password will be the first 3 letters of your first name [ first letter capitalized ] followed by a 0 and the first four numbers in your student ID. Using Jane Doe as an example with an ID of 12345, her password would be Jan01234.

If You have tried the information provided above and are still having issues, please contact the Helpdesk by clicking the button +New Support Ticket on the University of Mobile Technology Helpdesk home page. 

***We advise you not to give out your Student ID under any circumstances to anyone. If you feel your ID has been compromised please let Campus Life know immediately!***